You’re Sybil. No LayerZero airdrop for you Discover how to check your wallet and remove the Sybil tag

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In this thread I’ll cover how to check if your wallet is eligible for LayerZero Airdrop and how to get remove the Sybil tag.


Firstly, you need to check if there is a Sybil tag on your wallet.



To run the test you have to do this:

• You need to log in to your Dune account

• Click on Run & to do what’s in the picture


There are 3 classifications of LayerZero accounts used in this Dune:

• a real user
• likely to be a sybil
• sybil


If you see that your wallet is a real user you have nothing to worry about.

Now a guide for those who have seen the sybil tag.

How to reduce Sybil score:

• Increase transaction volume.

• Buy different tokens.

• Activity not only related to LayerZero.


Increase transaction volume:

Go to Stargate & Make some transactions.


Buy different tokens:

Go to any DEX (for example Uniswap) & Buy some coins.


Activity not only related to LayerZero:

Go to Blur (for example) & Buy some NFTs



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