Your Second Chance to Participate in the SEI Bridge Test Event

We’re re-opening the “Sei Bridge Test Event” with a few new twists – Your participation remains crucial in optimizing the cross-chain experiences.

Here how to get involved

Step 1: Visit the SEI Bridge Page

Go to the SEI Bridge page on Atlantic 2 to kickstart the process. Link:

(For the purposes of testing event, please use the Chrome browser exclusively)

Seilors, embarking on this bridge adventure requires a Sei compatible wallet.

Connection is exclusively possible through:
compass_wallet nd fin_wallet

For a seamless voyage, we suggest importing your existing wallet (remember to secure your seed phrase!).

Step 2: Prepare Your Wallet

Ensure you have either MetaMask or any EVM compatible Wallet ready. These wallets are essential to hold your tokens during the process.

Step 3: Acquire Matic Test Tokens

To facilitate this test, you’ll need Matic test tokens from polygon. Make sure to have your Matic tokens available in your wallet.

Polygon Faucet (Choose “Mumbai” and “Matic” token, then paste your MetaMask address):

Step 4: Connect to SEI Bridge

Return to the SEI Bridge page and connect your SEI wallet.


Step 5: Configure Your Bridging Parameters

Here you’ll select Polygon as your origin chain. Enter the amount of MATIC tokens you’re willing to bridge.

Step 6: Bridge to SEI

Finish the process by clicking on “Bridge to SEI”, then sign the transactions to complete the bridging.

Step 6: Bridge Back

With Sei in your wallet for gas, reverse the direction by clicking the arrow icon and send your wmatic back to polygon.

Once completed you have successfully finished the Bridge Test Event

Your backing steers us toward an improved Sei, and your insights help us chart a smoother course.

Seilors, we invite you to share your feedback in our Sei Community Discord


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