Yield farming is often a high risk strategy High returns sounds promising but these are usually only generated by protocols with the risk of imploding to zero

What if it didn’t have to be this way?

What if we could generate safe and volatility protected interest?

CruizeFinance is a platform that offers volatility-protected yield opportunities on crypto.

The protocol provides vaults where users can stake their capital and generate safer yields using a combination of derivatives and bonds in instruments known as Structured Products.


What are structured products?

Structured Products are carefully crafted investments that typically consist of assets linked to interest rates and one or more derivatives.

These products are designed to cater to highly customized risk-return objectives.

Cruize Finance solves several critical challenges faced by crypto investors:

• No Impermanent Losses
• No Liquidation Risks
• No Directional Exposure

The usual risks that come with generating returns on volatile assets are mitigated, ensuring your capital is protected.

Cruize Finance benefits:

• Multichain compatibility
• Capital efficiency
• Seamless yield monitoring
• Transparent by design
• Strategies suitable for everyone

Cruize strives to make yield generation accessible and user-friendly for crypto enthusiasts of all levels.

$CRUIZE token:

By staking $CRUIZE, you can earn the escrowed token called $esCRUIZE.

This token allows you to accrue value from the protocol’s earnings and participate in governance, shaping the future of Cruize Finance.

$CRUIZE tokenomics:

– Total Supply: 100,000,000
– Initial Circulating Supply: 5,750,000 $CRUIZE
– Initial Circulating Supply: 5.75%
– Initial Market Cap: $350K
– Public Sale Valuation: $11.11M

The Cruize Vaults smart contracts have undergone a thorough audit by ARMUR.


Escrowed token $esCRUIZE:

• Revenue Share
• Boosted Yields
• Exclusive Vaults
• Governance

The protocol’s generated revenue will be distributed as follows:

• 60% to $esCRUIZE holders
• 30% to the treasury for operational expenses
• 10% for $CRUIZE buyback and burn

One of the main incentives for staking $CRUIZE for $esCRUIZE is the ability to boost your rewards on the provided liquidity.

With $esCRUIZE tokens, you can earn a boost of up to 25x on the yield generated from your liquidity.

Cruize is supported and backed by prominent investors and backers, including:

– Big Brain Holdings
– DELTA Blockchain Funds
– Gravity X Capital

For more details about the team and advisors behind $CRUIZE, visit

$CRUIZE will soon be launching on 2 launchpads for those interested.

This introduction thread was made in collaboration with Cruize Finance.

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