We have a pretty diversified list of social media platforms out there But none of them are specifically designed to get in touch with experts or creators

What if you could request art, music or even crypto advice somewhere?

Ego_Paysenger is a platform for creators, experts and their audience.

The product helps you get expertise or custom content.8

Their mission is to empower creators and revolutionize the way they monetize their content while fostering deeper connections with their audience.

It’s possible to request almost anything from both experts in any field such as crypto but also artists, IT specialists or even celebrities.

Creators can in return ask payment for their services.


The project raised funds, is backed by polygon and has gone through serious due dilligence by accelerator ConsenSys.

The same team behind the succesfull metamask wallet.

The platform is already fully working and available to download.

More than 300k downloads have been recorded and a total of 500k users.

One of the founders already has a company called Unicorn.


Together with Dr. Tamay Aykut Paysenger developed their own in app ai program to help with content creation.

Paysenger also has a token called $EGO that’s designed to work with the app.

After a succesfull IDO it’s in the process of getting listed on 2 tier 1 exchanges tomorrow at 10 am UTC.

Presumably kucoin and bybit as it’s been displayed in the app.


What do you think about Paysenger?

Something you are interested in using or are you sticking to the other options out there?

Interested in hearing your thoughts


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