Want to maximize your profits in crypto-trading Unlock the potential of trading bots

I show you how to create your own free Binance bot using chatGPT.

With this detailed procedure, you’ll be able to implement any strategy.

No programming skills are needed

Creating and deploying a trading bot using chatGPT has never been easier, and you don’t need to use a paid platform anymore!

In this THREAD, I’ll show you how to:
1- Create a strategy
2- Evaluate its past performance
3- Apply it automatically on binance

The first step is to define the strategy:
– Which indicators am I using?
– Based on these indicators, when do I buy and when do I sell?

There are millions of different strategies that you can easily find by searching on the internet. You have the freedom to choose.

For our example, let’s consider a strategy that uses Bollinger Bands on BTC/USD.

The strategy is to enter short when the price closes above the upper Bollinger Band, and long when the price closes below the lower Bollinger Band.


Let’s evaluate the past performance of this strategy.

Here’s what you need to do:
1- Retrieve the indicator code from @tradingview

2- Code the strategy using chatGPT
3- Integrate the code into TradingView to see the performances

Here are the details of each part

1- Retrieve the indicator code from TradingView

2- Code the strategy using chatGPT:

Write the following command and copy/paste the indicator code.


3- Integrate the code into TradingView to see the past performances

You can change the timeframe to see for which timeframe the strategy performs best. This is valuable information.

In our case, the strategy performs better on the Daily timeframe.


Sometimes, you may encounter errors when loading the code into TradingView but don’t worry, just ask chatGPT to correct the error, and it will do so


Once you have evaluated the performance of your strategy and are satisfied with the profit, you can deploy it on Binance to execute it automatically.

First, you need to retrieve your keys to use the Binance API.


Once you have the API key and secret key, you can start sending remote orders.

We will use the Python language to automatically apply this strategy.

Again, you don’t need to master the language, as chatGPT is here to help!

To use Python, simply download anacondainc .

Once done, launch Anaconda and then launch the Spyder module.


Before running the strategy on Python, let’s see if we can retrieve the Bollinger Bands chart on Python using the Binance API.

Let’s ask chatGPT:
“Write a Python script I can use to plot the Bollinger Bands with Binance data.”

Copy/paste the code into Spyder and run it.

You may need to install some Python libraries before you can run the code. It’s easy to install them. For Binance, simply enter the command “pip install python-binance” in a terminal.


In a few seconds, a chart will be displayed with the Bollinger Bands plotted for the BTC/USDT pair.

Once again, if an error occurs, ask chatGPT to help you correct it.


Now we are ready to automatically apply the strategy to our Binance account. Again, we ask chatGPT to write the code for us:
“Write a Python script I can use to perform the mentioned Bollinger Bands strategy on Binance.”

As we did before, copy/paste it into Spyder and execute it! The code will continue running until a condition is met to execute the order.

Since the code runs 24/7, you can leave it running on a Raspberry PI.


Bollinger Bands’ strategy is just an example to show you how it works. You can do this with any strategy you find.

ChatGPT allows you to launch your own bot without any programming skills. No need to pay for platforms when you can do it yourself!

I hope this helps. If you want the Python files presented in this THREAD, let me know, and I’ll upload them to my TG channel.

Make sure to join Telegram for the recent alpha!



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