this is a really exciting development, imo QiDao Protocol ‘s crosschain safe module is powered by chainlink CCIP

it’s a way to help projects create robust systems across multiple chains

moving away from human interaction and trust assumptions

this is just the tip

the new module will bring an easy-to-implement messaging layer for project operations

including automating onchain votes and intra-protocol interactions chainlink’s CCIP functions on the same infrastructure as their oracles

an extra layer of security called the Risk Management Network will be added to CCIP

continually monitoring and verifying cross-chain operations for suspicious activity

this enhances the security and reliability of cross-chain transactions

QiDaoProtocol will initially integrate on ethereum , 0xPolygon , optimismFND , arbitrum , & avax

this will allow protocols on these chains to automate functions of their protocols and governance across any of the others

QiDao will use this module to automate key aspects of its protocol

such as debt ceilings, vault incentives, liquidity mining, and risk parameter updates

more details will be released as the launch approaches with the final presentation at Chainlink’s SmartCon 2023

CCIP’s features include time-tested security, seamless integration, scalable architecture, and future-proof design

it’s built to support continuous updates and the integration of new blockchains and functionalities

QiDaoProtocol specializes in offering zero-interest loans on yield-bearing assets

the integration with Chainlink CCIP will help connect their cross-chain community as the protocol scales across the multi-chain Web3 ecosystem


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