The $SEI Airdrop is just a few days away and is rumoured to be worth $2,000+ per wallet


I’ll show you how you can qualify for the upcoming DeBank airdrop in 7 easy steps.

Token: Confirmed
Cost: $0
Potential Rewards: $2000+
Time: 10 minutes

DeBankDeFi is a Web3 portfolio tracker that allows you to monitor the on-chain activity of any wallet across all EVM networks.

If leveraged well, this tool can make you rich.

They closed a $25M funding round led by key industry players Sequoia, Coinbase, Dragonfly, and Circle.

Here are the steps to position yourself:

But first, let’s get you registered.

-Go to
-Click on “Login in via web3 wallet”
-Connect your wallet
-Click on “Settings” at the bottom left side of the screen
-Add your email and Twitter and verify


1️⃣ Build following on DeBank

The first thing you need to do is invite your friends to follow you on DeBank.

-In the “Home” page, click on the “share” icon on the right
-Copy & share the generated link


2️⃣ Interact with other users on DeBank Hi

This feature allows you to text back and forth with other users

-Visit any user profile ( Here’s mine):
-Follow and start a conversation by clicking “Say Hi”
-Do this for as many users as you can


3️⃣ Use Stream

Here you can post, Repost, Comment, and put Trust in other users’ posts.

-Click on “Stream” on the left side of the page to access the page

Your posts on Stream are rated depending on your balance and that of those interacting with them.


4️⃣ Vote

This feature allows you to vote on proposals as well as create your own.

-Click on “More” just below “Stream”
-Scroll Down and click on “Vote”
-Click on the upside arrow next to a proposal to vote
-Click on “Create new proposal” on the top right to create a proposal


5️⃣ Mint Badges

The idea here is to mint as many as possible

-Under the “More” page, click “Web3 Badges”
-Mint where viable


6️⃣ Mint Web3 ID

This feature allows you to customize your profile

-Costs $96
-If too expensive, you can skip it but I believe it’s a key determiner
-Go to Home and click on “Mint Your Web3 ID” next to your profile
-Acquire it


7️⃣ Swap on Rabby wallet.

It’s a DeBank product, so this will significantly increase your chances.


Congrats on finishing this thread!

You’re now a step closer to the $DBNK Airdrop

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