Starting an airdrop hunt If you don’t know this – you’re ngmi

Read this, it’s everything you need all free testnets for starters

This topic contains:

• How many wallets you will need
• How to find a valuable Project
• Pay attention
• Scams
• All testnets
• Activity table

How many wallets do you need?

The number of wallets is a very interesting question. I will not mention Sybil Attacking in this thread. But, I think you should have at least 3 wallets. Let me explain.

The first main wallet is needed for all the large projects (L0, zkSync). In such airdrops the important things are:

a) Transaction volume
b) Activity in other networks
c) The amount of money in your wallet

On this wallet you keep your main funds allocated for airdrop hunting.


The second wallet is needed for the testnets, but not for all.

This is the wallet we use in the projects that announced Incentivized testnet. So the rules are clear.

Testnets of large projects (Scroll, Linea, Mantle) is still better to do from the main wallet.


The third wallet is needed for all the projects you’re not sure about.

Uncertain about the legitimacy of the project? It’s not worth taking the risk; use this wallet instead.

Always use this wallet first, then you can switch to the first one.

How to find a valuable Project?

I think this question in 2023 is already meaningless. There are very few hidden gems!

If you haven’t received any airdrops yet, you’re unlikely to find a good project.


The best strategy is to do what experienced hunters advise. This is in stark contrast to the usual tips in DeFi. However, it works for airdrops.

Personally, I hunt for all known airdrops. I try to do it better than the average user

I believe this is the key to success

Back to wallets

To keep your first wallet alive and looking like a real user’s wallet, I’d suggest checking out the thread below. It’s very helpful, although many people underestimate it.

But they will figure it out when it’s too late.

Stop wasting time and money

If your wallet has only 5 transactions you’re ngmi


Stop wasting time and money!

I’ve collected all the free and fast testnets in one place


How to not get caught by scammers is just as useful. Always use a third wallet in these situations


If you’re not keeping track of your Airdrops and Wallets, start doing it now. I have a sheet for you.

Are you an airdrop hunter? Don’t miss out on airdrop opportunities —stay organized!

Sharing my personal spreadsheet template. Modify it to suit your needs.

Get ready to level up your airdrop game!



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