Space $ID airdrop coming You have 3 days left to earn up to 1,000$ for simple tasks with Space $ID airdrop, don’t miss it like $BLUR

How you can be eligible ?

What is Space ID ? 

Space ID Protocol – Space ID building a hub for you to discover, register, trade & manage your domains in $ETH, $ARB & $BNB networks in one click

One Place for your Digital Identities



Space ID raised $10M in one funding round backed by Polychain and dao5, also they have a seed round backed by Binance Labs

Also SpaceIDProtocol has a huge number of partners and collaborations in the Web3 space


First airdrop wave

SpaceID like Blur made seasons for their airdrop rewards, first season was ended in march

Some criteria then :

● Days of retention & until expiration
● Valid domain – .bnb or .arb
● If you have a Voyage
● Number of other OATs
● Number holding domains


How to get airdrop

based on the previous criteria and the words of the Space ID, to get next airdrop we can :

● Go to the Space ID season 2 page
● Click on ‘Register’
● Select network and register domain
● Back to season and claim your Voyage Box


Rarity of the boxes

If you are not an active user you will get an Uncommon box

if you hold Galxe Passport or some ETH/BNB you will get Rare box

If you have blue-chip NFT or ENS in your wallet you will get Legendary box


Referral system

To increase your airdrop you can invite your friends and acquaintances to participate

They will have to click on your link and commit their domain to be counted as your referral



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