Secret project watchlist LEAKED Teaming up with Foxi_xyz , we’ve uncovered early investment rounds for you and what VC’s are buying up

Here are 10 projects + Catalyst for a 100x

1/ 🔷 Parallax

parallaxfin aims to be the meta strategy hub with a keen focus on LSDfi products.

The current primary focus is on LSD yield products, including vanilla LSDs, LSD stablecoins, and LSD vaults. That is not all!

2/ I might get killed for this but I will lead the alpha nonetheless. Team is constantly innovating to bring about the best product

• LSD stablecoins strategy
• RWA strategy vaults
• Building a wider ecosystem of products that will accrue value to $PLX token holders.

3/ In 5 days, parallaxfin $PLX is holding an IDO on Spartadex_io .

Sparta first IDO with GameSwift_io sold out in 48 seconds, up 10x

Bullish on the team’s commitment to deliver!

• 35% unlocked at TGE
• Initial MC: 450k

Drop me a DM for 🤫 IDO WL!

4/ 🔷 Chainflip

Chainflip is a cross-chain Automated Market Maker (AMM) that allows users to swap native tokens directly across different blockchains.

Basically, its Uniswap V4 + CEX features

• No KYC
• Your wallet, your keys (might not even need wallet)
• Lower slippage
• No intermediaries (using 150 validator instead)
• Decentralized node operators and governance

I am excited for the tech that they have been building for 2 years already, backed by big boys, and they are locked.

$FLIP IDO is on CoinList on the 31 Aug, NFA

Slide into my DMs for priority access to $FLIP CoinList IDO!


Adscendo_fi focuses on giving users yield and leveraged exposure to ETH staking.

Adscendo innovates with LSD perpetuals further with more efficient LSD designs with an efficiently designed LSD stablecoin + LSD perp derivative.

Yielding over 140% APY

Mori_Finance 2nd sale sold out in 35 seconds and I do think that Adscendo_fi will catch good wind.

They are opening a seed round soon and are getting interest, NFA.

Shoot me a DM if you are keen! I did a protocol research for you here


Vaultka official builds supercharged 80% APY strategies around perp DEXes on arbitrum

• LP Optimization (Liquor) Vaultka – optimize through auto-hedging the return of the Perp DEX LP
• Index Investment (Cocktail) – Index yield products

• Stablecoin Lending (Non-alcoholic)
• Insight of Perp DEX Market Trend & News (Bartender) – data drive decision

Team has been building since Dec 2022, with more strategies as more Perp DEXes arise.

$VKA IDO coming in Oct 2023

A one-pager for all you need to know



logarithm_fi is creating a new meta called LPDfi, Liquidity Providing Derivatives.

Logarithm earns you “risk-free” yields while preserving your capital in the simplest way.

Nautilus vault strategy will do all the work.

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