RDO/xRDO Tokenomics – Design Considerations & Future Plans A lot of thought went into tokenomics & issuance, thanks to conversations with frens camelotdex , bondprotocol , and other DeFi leaders

Here’s why RDO is set up for success, short, medium, & long term:

Rodeo takes inspiration from the top performing two token model, based on the Camelot Grail/xGrail success

Lets dive into the design considerations:

1⃣ RDO the liquid token, xRDO the utility token
2⃣ 30:70 Ratio Issuance & Utility
3⃣ xRDO Evolution: Path to sustainability


Why Two Tokens? 

Camelot’s rise to success as a leader on
can be contributed to many factors, 1 of those being the well thought out Grail/xGrail model

This allows the token to simultaneously remain liquid, while also allowing for deep utility in the ecosystem


$RDO will remain liquid/composable, enabling LPs & layers of additional yield strategies to be built, driving volume to RDO

RDO-ETH Leverage Farm wen +-255555555-

$xRDO the non-liquid utility token, allows stakers to earn protocol dividends from revenue, and greater access to yield farms

Why 30/70 ratio gud ser?

Taking note of the well performing 30:70 issuance model by Penpiexyz_io

Rodeo aimed to optimize issuance for our users, giving $xRDO immediate utility by earning dividends in our Silo, or vest to RDO (15 days to 6 months)


Did we mention xRDO utility out of the gate?

xRDO aligns those who want to participate in Rodeo ecosystem long term or allows conversion to the more liquid token with mitigated sell pressure for those who wish to remain liquid

And we havent even got to the longterm ideation

xRDO Evolution: From Growth to Sustainability♻️

With long term goals on our brain, we must consider not only the now, but how Rodeo will evolve from the Growth Phase to the Sustainable phase

For this, we will use the token to align incentives with long term users on Rodeo


The xRDO concept allows us to evolve long term, towards a hybrid model based on yearnfi veYFI and the excellent tapioca_dao oTAP sustainable growth incentive models

Increasing POL, decreasing emissions, and creating a natural balance of incentives and “floor” pricing

RDO is designed for success in the near and long terms

◾ Modeled after the uber successful Grail/xGrail model
◾ Optimized the 30:70 Ratio Issuance utilized by Penpie + added immediate utility
◾ Allows for long term evolution towards the bullish Options based incentive models

o get RDO or provide liquidity, visit Camelot Dex

RDO-ETH LP: https://app.camelot.exchange/pools/0xAB21B75f1f312879760Ca8690f7B91c1c2985F91

To convert RDO to xRDO: https://rodeofinance.xyz/silos

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