LayerZero & WormHole raised $343M and you can participate in this airdrops due to @TsunamiFinance_

Cost : ???$
Potential profit : 1,000$+

What is Tsunami & Investments ?

Tsunami Finance_ – perpetual futures and spot exchange on the Aptos blockchain

Tsunami raised $1.3M from Mirana Ventures, Big Brain Holdings and other top funds


Recently to the Tsunami was added a bridge and now we can make transactions in LayerZero and WormHole and claim Free NFT

And now you can participate in a possible LayerZero with $293M and WormHole with $50M airdrops

Galxe Campaign

● Go to Tsunami Galxe
● Connect your wallet
● Do all quests
● Claim OAT


● Go to Bridge section
● Make transactions and be active
● Go to Portal Bridge and do the same

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