What are the best restaurant software?

Surely there were many things that you had to solve along the way, but today you can already say that: the menu is resolved, the design and decoration is as you wanted it, the staff is committed and works well, the chef is excellent and most importantly , you have a group of faithful diners who never fail and who also recommend you.

Clearly the business is going, apparently everything is in order, but how are you doing with the administration? Do you know how much you really spend on food and drink? How are your sales doing compared to last month or last year? Having trouble planning a budget and sticking to it?

If you still feel that you cannot give the answers you would like to these questions, then it is time to go digital. Why suffer permanently trying to raise the numbers, to make them square, to keep the balance, if you can count on a tool that does all this for you.

By incorporating Bsale together with a restaurant software, you will be able to control all the processes of each area, in a centralized and simplified way: electronic receipts, orders, recipe control, purchase of supplies and division of bills at the table, reports of your online sales. So that you can easily identify any fault and place orders in a timely manner, or not worry about checking the VAT on each invoice because you can configure it so that it is always generated in a certain way.

Having Bsale and good software in your restaurant will give you significant advantages over the competition. In addition, you will manage orders more efficiently, making the service much faster, something that your customers will value.

Below we will tell you which are the best restaurant software and which ones you can integrate with Bsale.


At Bsale we partner with Fudo, a point of sale software used to manage restaurants, bars, cafes and any type of business related to gastronomy. A modern and easy-to-use tool that helps you fully manage your brand: control sales, expenses, stock, customers, suppliers, and more.

If you have table service, delivery or take away, you can manage everything from the same system. In addition, being able to be used from any device with Internet, Fudo allows you to see the status of the business at any time and from anywhere.

Among the tools that it offers in addition to the software, are the QR Card, the Online Store, integration with delivery applications and a special app for waiters.


Toteat is easy-to-use software developed to meet the specific needs of restaurants. It is a POS (Point of sale) and administration system all in one. Receive easy and friendly information that will allow you to make decisions to increase your margins and save time. The indicators you need to know today and your history too.

With Toteat your POS is mobile, you can print pre-bills, separate or divide bills by diner just by sliding your finger on your phone or tablet. Know what happens in your restaurant at any time and in any place. With Toteat you can see from your phone and in real time the sales record, inventory status, costs and much more.

You will know exactly what you have, and what you should buy, as well as the cost of your prescriptions so that you can work on a more efficient margin strategy.


Aloha is a world leading system for restaurants, its graphical interface is intuitive and very easy to use. The Aloha POS™ system allows you to streamline service by offering the opportunity to improve table turnover and bill collection and is flexible. Specialized in fast food restaurants or table service.

NCR-Aloha solutions, the only system on the market that guarantees operation in redundancy, even if the network or the server fails, the system will continue to be 100% operational.


The Restô software has been developed taking into account all the needs of your restaurant, operational, logistical and strategic. Tool that responds with an easy-to-use, flexible and fast implementation system.

Resto allows you to obtain centralized information or by online branch through the AstorNet service and work with mobile devices. Among the functions that stand out in this software are: Entry of commands with keyboard, mouse and touch screen.


Restaurant.pe is an online platform that integrates a point of sale system (POS) and an administrative management system, specially designed to promote the growth of gastronomic businesses such as: restaurants, bars, cafes, pastry shops.

You will be able to know what you have in the warehouse, inventory control, supplies, recipes, stock and purchases. It allows the waiters to take orders with a tablet and the orders will be printed in the kitchen/bar. Easily record takeout and delivery orders (soon you will be able to see in which areas more orders are delivered). All the information of your business from your cell phone or laptop at any time and place.

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