Top 7 brunches in Paris!

Brunch has now become an essential food trend. Gourmet and friendly, it is also the star of your Instagram photos. To delight you on all levels, we have unearthed the best addresses in all of Paris. Follow our guide with your eyes closed, you are going to enjoy it!

No. 1: Immersion Paris

Impossible to visit Paris without going to Immersion! Nestled in the 10th and 1st arrondissement, the Immersion Paris restaurants open their doors every day of the week. Here, everything is focused on fresh produce and homemade dishes. As soon as you arrive, you smell the delicious smells of Benedict eggs, cream cheese croissants and omelettes flavored with truffle oil. Here it is the customers’ turn to compose their own sweet and savory brunch according to their tastes. No more reason to hesitate! 

No. 2: Bon Bouquet Coffee

Head for our second address, Bon Bouquet Café, which offers an All Day & Everyday Brunch, to be consumed without moderation! Located a stone’s throw from the Grévin Museum, it is a cozy and flowery place ideal for all brunch lovers. All the must-haves are on the menu: from the tasty avocado toast, to the french toasts to the fluffy pancakes! We accompany everything with a hot drink and a fresh orange juice and voila.

No. 3: Resistance fighters

Who has never dreamed of going to brunch in a restaurant where you can be sure of the quality of the products? We have the ideal address for you! Head to the Les Résistants restaurant in the 10th arrondissement. The latter offer a bistronomic brunch every Saturday with a menu that varies according to the seasons and arrivals. At Les Résistants, quality is always there! All products come from peasant agriculture, local, humane and respectful of the environment!

N°4: Dede Fries

For a good hearty brunch at a low price, go to the brasserie Dede la Frite. Ideally located in the 2nd arrondissement, they serve a delicious brunch every Saturday and Sunday. On the menu: a hot drink and a cold drink of your choice, a pastry or toast and finally a sweet and savory dish composed according to your tastes. All in a friendly and warm atmosphere! Once their bellies are full, Dede la Frite offers its customers the opportunity to let off steam on their table football.  

No. 5: The Griffin

If Paris is the kingdom of brunch, it is always a fight to find a haven of peace far from the tumults of the city. In the heart of the Marais is a little corner of paradise, the Griffon Paris café. Every Sunday, they offer their customers the opportunity to come and bask in the sun on their hidden terrace for brunch. On the menu: a colorful plate made up of a soft-boiled egg, green lentils, baby potatoes, hummus… and many more surprises! A most pleasurable brunch that will satisfy gourmets and sports enthusiasts alike.

No. 6: Hélène and Madeleine

A stone’s throw from the Saint-Antoine church is one of our beloved addresses: the Hélène et Madeleine restaurant. A place where it is good to linger at any time of the day and especially for their brunch! Every Sunday, the restaurant offers a special brunch formula. On the stage, hot drink of your choice, freshly squeezed orange juice, a savory plate that changes every week and a pastry of your choice. Special mention for their creamy cappuccino! Hélène et Madeline is the perfect place for a gourmet Sunday.

No. 7: Papa Hen

Sunday Papa Poule goes into brunch mode, we warn you better be hungry! Located in the mythical district of La Bastille, Papa Poule welcomes you as at home in a cozy and relaxed setting. All gourmets will be able to set their sights on pastries, charcuterie or even cheese platters. A sweet and tasty experience that will melt more than one! 

As you will have understood, brunch has become one of the unmissable events to do in Paris. Less formal than a lunch and more elaborate than a breakfast, it stands out as the perfect alibi for boycotting the stoves and enjoying a moment of good humor and sharing. Faced with this new trend, more and more restaurants are offering brunch on their menu, you have to know how to stand out from the competition and innovate. So it’s up to you! 

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