5 tips to open your cafeteria

In this article we show you some  tips to open your cafeteria , in addition to making your business plan you must take into account aspects such as customer service and think about the environment and the image that you want to reflect to your potential customers.

Are you thinking of opening a coffee shop ? Being a cafe owner is one of the most difficult and rewarding jobs you can have, you have to meet new people, serve delicious things that customers ask for and be able to create a good atmosphere.
While you make your business plan you will come across different obstacles. Here are 5 essential tips for your new coffee. (We invite you to visit what is a franchise? )



Choosing coffee is a serious commitment, especially if coffee is the focus of your establishment . Why wait until the last minute to make what is potentially the most important connection in your business? Meet several roasters and their products; ask what kind of services, resources, discounts, shipping terms, support and technical assistance it offers, and ask for advice as you begin to build your vision. (You can also visit: advantages of a coffee shop franchise ).

If you’re the independent type, a high-quality grain source may be all you need. You might need help with training, support and maintenance: Decide what kind of interactions you’d like to have with your coffee roasters , introduce yourself and get to know as many as you can, and pick the one that seems like the best fit, at least a month before calling your first coffee sale.


Operating a cafeteria is not simple, you can’t start studying gastronomy two weeks before you open the cafeteria , can you? Anyone considering opening their own business should spend considerable time learning as much as possible about making and roasting coffee.
Visit as many coffee shops as possible and different types of drinks from each one to sample their taste, quality and the different styles that are available.
This is so that when your customers ask you about the coffee they have the impression that they are talking to an expert and that leaves a good image.


Becoming an expert barista is not easy, but rather comes with time, patience, and practice. But it can be taught and it can be learned.
As a customer, almost always instead of a coffee being delivered with a frown, we prefer it to be delivered with a smile, regardless of whether the coffee was delicious.
And as an entrepreneur, you can always teach and encourage someone to improve their cafeteria skills, but it’s much harder to change someone’s personality just because their lattes taste good.


One of the most common mistakes new cafe owners make is trying to anticipate and cater to every potential customer’s every whim. Not only does this tend to lead to unwieldy and confusing menus, but also a scattered staff and a dozen items that hardly anyone orders except when trying to get rid of them. Why offer a hundred items when you can reach customers with good coffee?

Open with a limited menu of basic but quality offerings, and add any accessories that real demand presents. For example, if you’re not sure you’re going to sell many decaf cappuccinos, start your first two or three weeks without decaf cappuccino and see how many people order it. Are there enough orders to justify the expense and addition?


Don’t call your coffee shop a simple pun. Remember that you have to stand out from the crowd.
In addition, you have to use a term or name that is related to your coffee, that captures the environment that is being created, the place where you are and the personality that you want to give it, so that people will recognize it and remember it.

If you are interested in starting a coffee shop business, we help you learn about coffee by clicking on: Coffee courses , where we offer you barista training in both face-to-face and online courses. We also recommend you enter Coffee Franchises , it is a site dedicated to the subject of franchises, how to obtain them, how they operate and other relevant information

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