15 of the best places to have a coffee in Puebla

ABelow we present some of the best cafes in Puebla for you to enjoy the many beautiful corners of this city and its people. Do you already have a favorite place? Tell us!

1. Coffee Culture

If you are a true coffee grower, a visit to Café Cultura is a must. With a small but cozy space in the center of Puebla , Mario -its owner- offers high quality specialty coffee. Try their different types of coffee extraction and fall in love with each one of them.

2. Pastry

Pastelel has it all. Apart from being one of the best specialty coffee bars in Puebla, it also offers a very varied and, of course, delicious food and dessert menu. From the poached eggs to the gourmet burger, they always have something special for every moment of the day.

3. Kffto Lab

In the laboratory of Kffto Lab amazing things happen. In fact, I love everything: the hot or cold specialty coffee, the desserts, the comfortable space and the special treatment they give you, there are few reasons to always want to return.

4. Bartola Coffee with Letters

Bartola Café con Letras is one of those charming cafes that makes it hard for you to get up and leave. With a super nice decoration and excellent treatment, it is ideal for a good chat with friends enjoying one of their delicious Bartola drinks (ask at the bar).

5. Panela Cinnamon

After the selection of the best grains and the roasting that is done in house, Panela Canela offers to prepare your specialty coffee right at your table. Get ready to find out where it comes from and what the characteristics of your coffee are, since the bartender will explain each of them to you. Enjoy the atmosphere on its small terrace.

6. Etc.

Etcétera brings a super interesting proposal. In a large house in the center of Puebla , coffee, reading, fair trade and a lot of space are mixed with support for the creation of projects. Perfect to get inspired and enjoy a good cup of coffee surrounded by a public library, a bookstore of independent publishers and a unique cultural atmosphere.

7. Kuepa

A unique corner in Puebla. I love Kuepa because, despite being a very small space, it is perfect for spending a relaxing afternoon, working or reading surrounded by cushions on its second floor. Their coffee and all their drinks are delicious, and the cakes are a must that you cannot miss.

8. Brewers

If you go to the city of Atlixco, do not forget to visit Brewers . One of the best specialty coffees you can try, with the added bonus that one of the winning baristas from the Brew Bar Mexico competition will prepare them for you. If you are interested in learning the methods of coffee extraction, you can also take a course on the established dates.

9. Baikal

Baikal ‘s atmosphere and decoration make it perfect for a good chat and a late-night cup of coffee. Full of lights and details in every corner, it offers us a small gallery where you can see works by local talent and, if you wish, buy them. If the space catches you like it did me, you can schedule to teach a course or rent the place for a quiet event.

10. Petite Juliet

Petite Julieta is the cafeteria with the most personality that I have visited. Its unique decoration makes you want to stay for hours. It has a very varied menu, and you can accompany your coffee with the delicious bread that is baked at home. The warm attention of the owners make Petite Julieta a very cozy place to hang out.

11. Hackl

Hackl functions primarily as an artisan bakery, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pair your delicious bread with good coffee. The space is very comfortable, perfect to take your laptop and get to work. If you are interested, you can learn from them and take an artisan bakery course.

12. Miracle Cafe

Café Milagros is a classic from the center of Puebla. Full of colors, crafts and with a very Mexican concept, they offer the best chocolate and the best frappes with corduroy. You will not be able to avoid taking a piece of Mexico with you on each visit.

13. Coffee Sale

El Expendio de Café is another specialty coffee bar worth visiting. The roasting of the grain is done at home and the producers will always be local. The quality of their drinks and breakfasts is very good. One of the best coffees in Puebla!

14. Blessed Coffee

Bendito Café has the most beautiful terrace in Cholula and, if you add that its breakfasts are delicious, then visiting it in the morning will be the best thing you can do to start your day.

15. Half-Blood

Mestiza ‘s cute escape invites you to enter the cafeteria the moment you see her. With a very feminine touch, it is a great place to drink coffee or tea accompanied by one of her delicious desserts. If you like handicrafts with contemporary design, here you have many options to buy.

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