Thematic bars and restaurants are curious and playful, since they are committed to offering gastronomic proposals and cocktails around a particular theme, which undoubtedly makes the experience more entertaining and different for diners. And the thing is… they are pure inspiration! When you walk in, you suddenly go into another dimension. You can spend a good time looking at the walls and you can have a good time even when you go to the bathroom. The settings are key and somehow guide your experience with a different and peculiar touch.

1. Casa Estadio 

A temple for football lovers. A place that pays tribute on each wall to different iconic personalities of national football. A paradise to go see a good match and feel better than at home. accompanied by chorrillanas, a variety of sandwiches and different styles of beer. We leave you his IG

2. Insert Coin

A playful restobar for video game lovers. The bar has great decoration. In addition, you will find in its menu very well thought-out thematic preparations; like his Pikachu burger or his Baby Yoda cocktail . Simply great! Take a look at their IG account and get inspired by the

3. Coffee 2d6 

At last, a place designed for lovers of board games , also known on networks as #boardgames: a space where specialty coffee and games coexist in an excellent way… many board games! What can you buy in their store? The 2d6 team, in addition to serving you with a good coffee, is specialized in board games, so they can guide you in a good way if you want to take a game home or surprise with a little gift. What a good idea, right? Meet them at

4. Moonbunny Café 

Life in pink, literally. A place where everything is pinky and with a naive Japanese style that leaves no one indifferent. If you are a pink lover , you have to go. You can try beautiful and delicious cupcakes , as well as order a “Dorayaki”: Doraemon’s (the cosmic cat!) favorite cupcake. Learn more about this proposal on her attractive IG

5. The Vikings Restaurant 

One of the pioneering theme restaurants in Santiago, recognized for its abundant and tasty cuisine, and for all the Viking and barbarian themes . The Odin room, the rune room and the dungeons are part of an environment full of details: helmets, swords, spears, shields, leather chairs. Everything arranged so that the diner is impregnated with the culture of the Vikings, and when they finish enjoying, they want to return again and again to repeat the experience. Here is his IG

6. Wonderland Café

A fairytale place, with corners and details that evoke nostalgia. The Wonderland Café, in Barrio Lastarria, also has a store where you can find many objects and things that evoke Wonderland. A delicious place to have breakfast, go for brunch or treat yourself to sweet treats at tea time with the Mad Hatter. His IG is

7. The House of Horacia the Cat

A comprehensive center for cat lovers with a very special sense, since the hosts will always be… kittens! They accompany you when you go to eat something. Some mustachioed and playful hosts who have been rescued from the street, and who at La Casa de la Gata Horacia, recover and rehabilitate in order to be adopted. Cute, right? Today this place is at risk of being closed and that is why they are running a very interesting campaign that you can learn about on their IG account

8. Ocean Pacific’s Restaurant

A classic of classics in terms of themed restaurants. This nautical-inspired seafood restaurant -with diving suits and cartographic navigation maps- becomes a kind of museum restaurant, simulating being on board a ship, in the captain’s cabin, inside a submarine or a huge sperm whale. Everything to enjoy an abundant marine menu. Check out his IG account

9. Game Cover Restobar

The fifth region also has a theme restaurant. This is Game Cover -in Villa Alemana- where you can go to play, participate in tournaments and enjoy various chorrillanas, snacks and tables in a gamer environment . Follow this ideal proposal for video game lovers at

10. Comics Bar Music 

In “glorious Iquique” there is this cocktail bar that revolves around comics. A family space where adults and children enjoy playing. Order their themed burgers like Darth Vader or Deadpool and check out their IG

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