When it comes to cafes and restaurants, some people focus on the beauty of its environment, while others focus on the taste of its food. Then if a restaurant is beautiful and the food is delicious, it really has the best of both worlds and is worth a visit! There are many large and small cafes and restaurants in Kuala Lumpur. What is so special and delicious in the vicinity of Ampang? Let’s explore the top 10 Cafes and Restaurants in Ampang worth visiting!

1. Kenny Hills Bakers, Ampang

Kenny Hills Bakers in Jalan Ampang is a bakery and cafe that has become quite popular recently. In addition to the very famous Peach Strudel, Pain au chocolat and other baked goods, there is also a wide selection of beverages, so that the cafe is often full. The food and baked goods here are fresh and many are handmade in-house, and the environment is pleasant. If you want to try fresh homemade and special baked goods, or if you are looking for a good cafe to fill your stomach, don’t forget to stop here!

2. Lale Cafe & Restaurant

This restaurant is absolutely chic, luxurious and gourmet all in one! It’s called Lale Cafe, but it’s actually a Middle Eastern restaurant that serves dishes from Iran, Turkey, and more. As soon as you step into this restaurant, you feel like you are in a five-star hotel. The decoration is particularly luxurious and exquisite, and there are open windows to let in the sunlight, making it very nice to take pictures. Don’t miss their kebab, chicken with fragrant rice, Persian tea, etc. Although the price is mid-range, the portion is very large and delicious! 

3. Little Salty Cafe

Think the stereotypical indoor dining room is boring? Then the Little Salty Cafe (a little salty coffee) might not disappoint you. In addition to having decent main dishes and desserts, this Cafe on Ampang Hill allows you to enjoy the view of the whole Kuala Lumpur while eating! Personally, I highly recommend their salmon, chicken chop and Yuzu Waffle. The night view here is very romantic at night, suitable for you who like dinner with a little atmosphere.

4. Brew and Bread

Brew and Bread, which is located along the busy road of Jalan Ampang, is a favorite of commuters. The best thing about this Cafe is their coffee, especially filter coffee and cold brew coffee, and they even have their own coffee gift boxes, coffee drip pods and coffee beans! But other than that, their brunch, pasta and desserts are also pretty good; you can even enjoy discounted prices if you pack them! 

5. D’Culture Cafe

What sets this cafe apart is its location. D’Culture Cafe is a hidden home cafe that feels like a villa vacation in addition to Cafe. There are floor-to-ceiling windows and space for many people, so it’s not a problem for a family to eat. His Aglio Olio pasta and Big Breakfast are very popular, and if you come in the evening, you can drink Mocktail!

6. Creem Artisan Dessert

Creem Artisan is a very special cafe that mainly focuses on desserts and cakes. If you want a cup of afternoon tea or a light meal, then you can consider this Cafe! Their signature Matcha Cheesecake, Apple Crumble Tart and Strawberry Ice Cream Meringue are mouthwatering and tastefully presented. If you like sweets or want to buy a cake to celebrate an important day, then come to this cafe!

7. Typica Dowhara

Have you ever heard of a cafe that is only open one day a week? That’s right, Typica Dowon in Ampang New Village is so unique. It’s not so much a cafe, it’s a place for coffee lovers to gather. Typica beans originally come from coffee beans from all over the world, hand-brewed coffee and cold coffee. The menu is very simple and simple, just like its location, the board house, which is pure and unique! 

8. 28 Fireplace

28 Fireplace can be said to be a well-known coffee shop around Ampang. The main focus here is a combination of Chinese and Western food, such as seafood pasta, dumpling noodles, brunch, sandwiches, vegetarian rice and other kinds of food, as well as cakes, Waffles and other desserts. The environment here is also comfortable. It is a must-try Cafe when you live near Ampang in Kuala Lumpur!

9. Bean brothers

Speaking of The Linc in Ampang, many people may think of the colorful design and decoration inside, but in fact, there is a spacious Bean Brothers cafe on the ground floor! This cafe is a well-known gathering place for coffee lovers in Malaysia. In addition to having all the delicacies that a good cafe should have, it also sells their unique coffee beans and coffee equipment!

10. Laughter

La Risata is a very distinctive Italian restaurant in Ampang. Its name means “The Laughter”, and as the name suggests, customers can laugh and laugh in this lively restaurant. Their Italian dishes are exceptional, delicious and authentic, especially their pizza, risotto and ravioli. Selfishly confessing their Italian ravioli, I will definitely go back after eating it! If you have the chance to visit Ampang, you must try it. 

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