Get two free airdrops at once: Linea x Izumi The Linea Voyage Week 8 event has just started, make sure you don’t miss out on iZiswap tasks

Starting this week, izumi_Finance is collaborating with LineaBuild to launch the DeFi Week event.

Completing all interactions related to Iziswap in Linea will also earn 150 iPoints. 50% of Linea’s future airdrop to iZUMi will be distributed based on iPoints.

To start off:

• Go to
• Register an account
• Claim Linea $ETH from the faucet



• Go to
• Swap a small amount of $ETH to $IZI


Place limit order:

• Click on “Limit order”
• Add order on >0.01 $ETH


Add liquidity:

• Go to
• Click on “Manage liquidity”
• Add a LP with 0.01 $ETH tokens and the corresponding amount of $IZI


Verify your participation at (

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