Get LayerZero, zkSync and Polygon zkEVM 10,000$ airdrop in one place

You don’t need to search right Bridge or DEX with layer3xyz

Don’t waste your time

What is Layer3 ?

layer3xyz – platform that enables web3 customers to acquire, retain, and engage their users, on L3 you can do different quests for your wallet activity

Also Layer3 raised $6.2M investments from Mirana Ventures, ParaFi Capital, Third Prime and others



Recently L3 launched their own bridge built on Socket, along the lines of zapper_fi or Bungee Exchange

Their bridge is an aggregator that searches for the best route among different bridges and takes their % for helping out


Interact with bridge

● Go to L3 Bridge
● Do transactions between networks
● Try to do as many networks as possible



● Go to L3 quest page
● Open quest
● Bridge tokens and click “Verify” for complete



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