Everyone is on the hunt for high APY yields But little did they know that they had already been rekted by impermanent loss and fluctuating yields logarithm_fi protects your capital and earns you juicy yields

 logarithm_fi uses an algorithmic approach to solve this problem that have long plagued yield seekers.

Lets go over

1️⃣ About Logarithm
2️⃣ Plague for Yield Seekers
3️⃣ Nautilus as Core Engine
4️⃣ Roadmap
5️⃣ Confirmed Airdrop + Alpha (you are still early


 1️⃣ About Logarithm

Logarithm finance earns you “risk-free” yields while preserving your capital in the simplest way.

Deposit in stablecoin and earn yields denominated in stablecoins.

The vault strategy will do all the work.



This is achieved through active management of delta neutral strategies, which are created around:

▪LP positions on AMM like Uniswap V3
▪shorting it on perp DEXes like GMX.


 2️⃣ Plague for Yield Seekers


Even though capital efficiency has improved with Uniswap V3, the position becomes cumbersome to manage.

It requires constant rebalancing of the LP position to avoid impermanent loss.

Also, current hedging methods for V3 positions like options and money markets are expensive or less capital efficient.

Underlying position is still exposed.

Logarithm will use leverage to hedge users’ exposure squeezing maximum APY from the liquidity.


▪Maximum APYs through tight V3 LP ranges
▪Capital protected through hedging with on-chain perps
▪Frequent rebalancing to eliminate price exposure
▪Algorithmically determine optimal rebalancing and auto-compounding frequency


3️⃣ Nautilus as Core Engine

Nautilus Vaults is logarithm_fi flagship product.

Users deposit USDC and receive real yield denominated in stables.

This logic will be further expanded to include other products such as:
▪leveraged strategies
▪perp-hedged MM strategies


Now you’ve got a brief understand about Nautilus capabilities.

Let’s go into the backtesting results

🔹 Methodology

Underlying asset: ETH/USDT UNI V3 pool 0.05% fee tier on arbitrum

Duration: 1 Jan to 1 Jun
Max Leverage: 4x



TLDR: Nautilus vault outperforms Uniswap V3 LPs.

▪APY grows despite any market movements

▪Strategy algorithmically adjust CL ranges

الصورة▪Strategy algorithmically adjust leverage
▪Healthy Pool:Hedge ratio
▪40% accumulated fees



11.8% real yield APY on ETH/USDT delta-neutral vault

Expecting this APY to grow with cross strategy execution and leverage strategies


4️⃣ Roadmap

▪TGE in Q3 2023
▪Vaults with cap
▪DN strategies use case expands
▪Expand onto other chains


5️⃣ Confirmed Airdrop + Alpha

Airdrops will be rewarded depositors into the beta vaults. But there will be a cap, so FCFS!

There’s no better way to earn juicy yields.

▪Capital protected
▪Earn real yields in stablecoins + airdrop
▪Enjoy the upside of airdropped $LOG token


Future iterations of the product will include:
▪Nautilus Giga (sit back and relax to earn highest yields)
▪Higher yielding assets
▪Strategy routing optimisation for more yields

So I would can expect to see more than 12% APY.

Cross-chain expansion and strong partnerships with blue chips protocols like GMX_IO , would be getting me excited.

With GMX v2 launching on mainnet, it lowers the funding rate, leading to… JUICIER YIELDS!


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