DeFi is the future As CEXes fall under increasing government scrutiny, funds are flowing to DEXes Alpacafinance is leading the charge

Leveraged yield farming, undercollateralized loans, NFTs, staking—they’ve got it all.

In this thread, however, I want to concentrate on one of their most recent and innovative products, the Alpaca Finance Perpetuals Exchange.

Key features I will touch on

1️⃣ alpaca finance : A brief intro
2️⃣Alpaca Finance Perp Exchange benefits, dividing them into traders and liquidity providers
3️⃣Perp Strategies

1️⃣ What is Alpaca Finance?

alpaca finance is the largest platform of on-chain leveraged DeFi products on #BNBChain and #Fantom.

Has undergone over 21 professional security audits and had zero exploits.

Historically reached over 1,7 B in TVL, currently over $140M #TVL.


2️⃣Alpaca Finance Perpetual Futures exchange:

Earlier this year, Alpaca Finance launched a perpetual futures exchange on BSC and Fantom, allowing traders leveraged exposure to assets like $BTCB, $ETH, and $BNB.


Perps have many advantages over non-perps like:

-No expiration date— keep your position open for as long as you want
-Higher flexibility— Open, close, and adjust your position size freely
-Deeper liquidity
-Higher leverage

The Alpaca Finance Perp exchange addresses some of the shortcomings of the existing Perp architecture with additional benefits for traders and LPs.

– Slippage-free trading
– Accurate prices
– Volume-based tiered trading fees
– High leverage: up to 50x

– Advanced order types for proper risk management: market, limit, stop-loss, and take-profit
– No price impact:
-Funding rate
-AlPerp Liquidity Pool (ALP) benefits
– Counter-exposure profits
– Advanced Oracle model to prevent frontrunning
– Additional yield from lending vaults

3️⃣ Perp Strategies you can use on Alpaca Finance Perp Exchange

-Carry trading: farm funding rates by going long or short depending on where the funding rates are positive.

Further, hedge your perp position with opposite exposure through the Money Market


-ALP: involves ALP as a yield-bearing index strategy

Earn yield from a variety of sources, including position opening/closing fees, borrowing fees, swap fees, and flash loan fees

Alpaca Finance is gearing up for a big bull run

Here are 4 more reasons to be bullish on $ALPACA:

– products (LYF and Automated Vaults) launch on the Concentrated Liquidity model in Automated Vaults v3 in Alpaca Finance 2.0: more efficient vaults and higher yiel

– Gov (governance) vault APY is currently around 20%

-$ALPACA has been on a 60-week deflationary streak

-There are currently no new $ALPACA emissions except warchest mint: which cements the token’s deflationary tokenomics


Alpaca Finance has continually proven to be a major DeFi player, and the innovative Perp DEX just adds to their appeal..

Check out the Alpaca Finance Perp Exchange here:



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