Confirmed Zora airdrop – NFT marketplace with $60M investments

Cost: $0
Potential gain: $1000

Follow these simple steps

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Always DYOR and take care of yourself and your money

What is Zora ؟

our ZORA – NFT marketplace, founded in 2020

Where users can list and view digital files and use Zora’s features such as drop alerts and notifications

As the developers declare – “This platform never fails, it is immutable and resistant to censorship.


Zora raised $60M in investments from Coinbase Ventures, Haun Ventures, Kindred Ventures and others

Large Influencers and projects are following the project on Twitter


Zora has launched a testnet of their platform, and recently they made an announcement of their L2

True, this announcement looks pretty weird and looks like a conspiracy, but maybe it’s a hint to us about something more

What we can do now؟

● Go to the Zora site
● Get $gETH
● Click “Create Collection”


● Go to the site and click “Your Profile”
● Connect your wallet
● Make a Twitter verify
● Personalize your profile

Bridge and mint

● Go to the bridge and deposit from Goerli to Zora
● Mint the NFT on their website.
● Also Zora has a bug bounty program


I advise you not to skip this activity

Twitter Zora has good followers, decent funds have invested a lot of money in the project.

At the moment, Zora is a little intrigued by its announcement, so do not miss your opportunity


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