CEXes like cz_binance have monopolized crypto for ages It’s a market more massive than LSDs This one DEX will dethrone all CEXes with CEX-like UX, massive technology, and truly open-source

I am awesomely bullish on Chainflip’s as it builds a truly omni-chain future for DEXes including BTC as well.

1️⃣About Chainflip
2️⃣How will Chainflip achieve CEX-like UX
3️⃣How it works
4️⃣Core Driving Mechanisms
5️⃣Users of Chainflip
7️⃣Investors and Conclusion

Due to thread constraints, I am restricted in the amount of the content I can share for these 2 parts:

5️⃣Users of Chainflip

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1️⃣About Chainflip

It’s a cross-chain Automated Market Maker (AMM) that allows users to swap native tokens directly across different blockchains.

Basically, its Uniswap V4 + CEX features

These just blew me away

2️⃣How will Chainflip achieve CEX-like UX

📌You don’t need a wallet

Chainflip solves the biggest pain point for new users

Initially, users will be able to connect with MM and integrations with more wallets to follow. You can just enter in the addresses and perform a swap

No custody risk, you own your keys

Send one on-chain transaction for a fully executed trade.

Everything is fully transparent on-chain.

Chainflip doesn’t need any deposits, withdrawal process or approvals, no exchange custody risk.

True cross-chain infrastructure

Users would be able seamlessly swap and/or bridge assets between chains with a single click just like how they have been doing it with CEXes.


Chains like BTC, EVM, non-EVM would be available on Chainflip.

You read it correctly, literally BTC and other non-EVM chains like Sui, Aptos, Polkadot, Kusama, Solana, Cosmos, Sei and so on

They will launch it step by step with chain interoperability between BTC<>ETH & DOT<>ETH first.

Then, quickly expanding into APOTS, SUI, SEI

Chainflip can support ALL assets

It’s very good to know, and it goes to show the team’s capability and that they can play out their cards masterfully here

From a technical perspective the Chainflip’s team is capable of integrating all assets.

But strategically, it won’t be wise to integrate all of it due to the constraint of resources.

User governed protocol

Users can easily participate in the running of the underlying protocol, as users, liquidity providers, builders, or through governance.

It will be HUGE if Chainflip integrates with DEX aggregators

What this means is that Chainflip will be one true aggregator of DEX aggregators.

Their liquidity will be driven by Chainflip

Slippage lower than CEXes

This is achievable with on-chain liquidity incentives, even for larger trades

Amidst all these features, which sounded too good to be true, understanding how all these gel together will give you a better insigh

3️⃣How it works

Users have all loved CEX and fed it as a growing predator in crypto. Chainflip works the same way, if not better!

Imagine you are trying to swap $BTC to $ETH on Binance.

First, you send $BTC to one of Binance’s wallet BTC deposits
Once the balance has been registered on Binance, the user can interact with the trading system to trade their preferred assets.

And when you want to withdraw your $ETH, Binance will send it out of their wallets, depending on what blockchain your withdrawn asset is based on.

This used to work only on CEXes centralized. With Chainflip, it works better with:

• No KYC
• Your wallet, your keys
• Lower slippage
• No intermediaries (using 150 validator instead))
• Decentralized node operators and governance


4️⃣Core Driving Mechanisms

🔹Just-In-Time (JIT) AMM

Traditional AMMs expose LPers to impermanent loss risk.

The JIT AMM allows market makers to provide single-sided liquidity on any tick (not only a range!), effectively removing the risk of impermanent loss

Miner Extractable Value (MEV)

Instead of users being front run by MEV seeking bots, Chanflip naturally incentivizes liquidity providers to front-run each other to benefit the user.

This ensures that users are always getting at least market pricing or better.

7️⃣Investors and Conclusion

Backed by the best in crypto.

I will let the big names do the talking.


Atomic swaps might be a thing again.

What Chainflip aims to do here is to bring a better experience when building on benefits of DEXes.

Giving rise to cheaper and easier ways to have cross-chain swaps with native tokens seems. It will pave the way towards mass adoption

Last but not least an alpha for you!!

Chain also have its own liquid staking version called stFLIP

The Testnet will guide you on how to stake FLIP and win a limited edition OAT!

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