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FED Staff Predicts Mild Recession:

According to the minutes, Fed staff believes a mild recession is likely to hit later this year, aligning with their previous projections.

Tension Among Officials:

‘Some’ officials favored a rate hike, but the majority went along with a pause.

The debate on monetary policy remains intense!

GDP Resilient, Yet Subdued:

While officials noted resilient GDP growth in recent quarters, they expressed concerns about a subdued performance for the rest of 2023.

Inflation Woes Continue:

Core inflation hasn’t shown sustained easing since the beginning of the year.

More Rate Increases Ahead:

Almost all Fed officials expect additional rate increases in 2023.

Jobs Market Tight:

The minutes highlight the tightness of the job market.

Staff’s Economic Outlook:

Fed staff still predicts a mild recession, but there’s some disagreement among officials.

Information is Key:

Most officials emphasized the importance of gathering additional information to make informed policy


Stay tuned for more updates on the Federal Reserve’s moves and how they could impact the financial future!

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