Airdrops for nodes made many millionaires I’ve got Node Airdrops Guide for you Unravel the most effective strategies to maximize ur profit


With a whopping 283 $million raised, their upcoming airdrop has the potential to change lives.

Check out this killer Node Airdrop Strategy from drop-hunting wizard,ardizor

Ready to earn a $15,000+ $STARK airdrop? 🪂

How? Run a Starknet node. Aptos node operators have already cashed in – now it’s your turn 💰

Cost: $20
Potential gain: $15-20K

Here’s how to set up your node in just a few simple steps


Here’s another StarkNet strategy for you, this time without the need for setting up a node

Missed $ARB #airdrop? Don’t worry.

There are other airdrop opportunities that can help you make your first $100k in crypto and Starknet one of them.

Here’s your guide to getting $STARK airdrop



They’ve raised a whopping $18M, with over half going straight to node runners as per their tokenomics.

Ready for a game-changing Node Airdrop strategy from rektfencer ? Check it out below

Shardeum airdrop could be the next Arbitrum

Run a node and watch the rewards roll in. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to turn $20 into $10K

Follow this quick guide to set up your node now


I have another powerful Airdrop Strategy without the need for a node

Arbitrum made a lot of noise and became one of the largest airdrops ever.

If you missed $ARB, there are still many opportunities to earn 6 figures

Don’t miss out on the potential next L1 giant – shardeum



It is The Next Big Thing, Backed by Optimism and Coinbase.

Don’t miss out on this Node Airdrop Strategy from the unrivaled rektfencer

Solana node runners got airdrops worth millions of dollars.

Base could be next.

Ready to set up your Base Node and potentially get a huge airdrop?

Follow my simple step-by-step guide on how to do it


Check out this amazing Airdrop Strategy – no node required .

L2 blockchains are taking over the crypto world, and the latest L2 gem is Build On Base.

With heavyweights like Coinbase and Optimism backing it, it may be the next unicorn!

Find out more about how to potentially earn a huge $BASE airdrop in this thread



It has raised a whopping $22 million.

Alpha Testnet 3 is now live, and the $TKO token has been confirmed!

Follow this Node Edition Airdrop Strategy to get it

Ready for a $10K+ Taiko airdrop? 

It’s easy! All you need to do is run your own node. Operators on Aptos have already got their share, and now it’s YOUR turn to cash in

Cost: FREE
Potential gain: $10.000

Follow these simple steps to set up your own node


Check out another non-node Airdrop Strategy by amazing 0x_gremlin

Want to make 5-6 figures from a single airdrop? Then get ready to engage in all possible activities.

taikoxyz looks very promising, so I’ve created a complete guide for you.

Here’s how to run a node, participate in the testnet, and more with my step-by-step instructions



Subspace Network is the fourth-gen blockchain. It’s a step up from third-gen players like Solana and Ethereum 2.0.

It raised $37.5M from big players like Coinbase Ventures and Pantera.

Node Airdrop Strategy by ardizor

Airdrops have made millionaires. You can be one too

Running a Subspace node is the next big moneymaker

For just $20, you could potentially gain $5-10k.

Don’t miss this opportunity – here’s your guide



Celestia: The modular blockchain that puts power in your hands.

With $55M raised from Coinbase, Polychain, and other giants, Celestia is making waves.

Check out their Node Edition Strategy here

Wanna earn over $10,000 with a $TIA airdrop? 

Run a Celestia node! Aptos operators have already made bank – it’s your turn to cash in

Cost: FREE!
Potential gain: $10-15K!

Ready to set up your node? Follow these simple steps



It is a fully private L1 network and DEX for Cosmos ecosystem.

They recently secured $4.75M from renowned investors such as Dragon Fly and Robot Ventures.

To get your share of the pie, follow this airdrop strategy

Want to earn $5K+ worth of airdrop?

It’s easy: just run a Penumbra node.

Don’t miss out on this chance to earn big. Read this step-by-step guide on setting up a Penumbra node



Vara Network, previously known as Gear is the most affordable way to deploy smart contracts in Rust, C, or C++.

Gear raised $12M from Mechanism Capital, Spartan Group and others.

Node Edition Airdrop Strateg

Don’t miss out on this airdrop

Gear is your chance to earn 5k$ by running a node

Cost: 20$
Potential gain: $5-7k

Get started in just a few easy steps with this simple guideالصورة


Massa has successfully raised $5.8M in a private sale.

It is an entirely decentralized blockchain, controlled by thousands of individuals.

Massa Node Edition Airdrop Strategy

Want to earn over $5K with minimal effort?

Become a MASSA node operator – it’s simple.

Cost: $20
Potential gain: $5-7k

Ready to join the party? Follow these steps and start running your own node now



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