Airdrops could easily give you MASSIVE gains at a low cost or sometimes even FREE $SEI has an airdrop ongoing for users who participate in their Bridge Test Event

Here is a quick 1-minute guide on how to participate

For this task, we would need a $SEI specific wallet

You can use compass_wallet or fin_wallet

These are the links to get Compass or Fin onto your Chrome respectively:

You would also need a phantom wallet for these tasks



Make sure you have your Metamask ready too at this point

This wallet would hold your tokens before you bridge them.

Now, request for faucet here :

Pick Mumbai and $MATIC token and paste your Metamask address in the space provided


After submitting you should receive a message like this:


Now you can move to the next site which is

Paste your Phantom wallet address and proceed to click Testnet


You would see a message like this when successful:


Now visit

Connect both wallets

Change Origin to Solana Devnet


Click Autofill to input the destination address

Once you hit “Bridge to Sei”, it will bridge $SOL to your $SEI wallet


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